7 features of Fanless embedded industrial computer

As An Important Control Equipment In The Field Of Industrial Automation, Fanless Embedded Industrial Computer Has Been Widely Used In More And More Industries. This Is True, But Now The Automatic Control Equipment Is Updated Too Quickly, And The Requirements Are Increasing. There Are Requirements For The Product, And There Are Also Requirements For The Designer.

Fanless embedded industrial computer is strong in computing, generally high requirements for designers, it is a set of automatic control, logic control, algorithm control as one of the control system, the system is simple, stable and reliable.

Up to now, fanless industrial computers have been recognized by users in many fields because of their unique advantages and characteristics. So what are the advantages and characteristics that can quickly occupy the market, today will take you to reveal the secret.

Fanless embedded industrial computer features:

  • 1. Light weight, small size, less space, simple installation and easy maintenance, flexible and convenient operation;
  • 2. It can be used with a variety of terminals, equipment or control cabinets;
  • 3. You can choose a variety of installation methods, such as embedded, din rail, wall mounting and desktop, etc., which has strong adaptability;
  • 4. With self-diagnosis function, with any down failure, it will be automatically reset without manual intervention, and can carry out long-term and low-redundancy work;
  • 5. Fanless and cabless, reducing maintenance work and time and extending machine life;
  • 6. The chassis shell is made of aluminum alloy material, it’s dustproof, moisture-proof, anti-vibration, and also has the ability to resist electromagnetic interference and work at wide temperature;
  • 7. Versatile, fanless industrial computer is enclosed chassis, expansion function is limited with mini ones but reserved rich interfaces, general fanless industrial computer reserved different ports for display, such as VGA, DVI-I, HDMI, Displayport and other interfaces, and also reserved 2 ~ 12 USB interfaces and 2 ~ 12 serial ports, suitable for a variety of industrial tablet PC working environment. As well as some newly designed expandable series with PCI/PCIe slots to it for more motion and vision systems, and some support GPU too.
Fanless embedded industrial computer family

Application fields of fanless IPC:

Compared with traditional industrial computers, fanless industrial computers based Intel x86 platform and FPGA technology and integrate software and hardware platforms, which are suitable for applications with higher requirements for reliability, cost performance, limited space and low power consumption.

Technology Platform Intel x86 & FPGA

With the development of embedded technology, the embedded industrial computer industry has grown rapidly and has been widely used in self-service terminals, medical equipment, industrial automation, machine vision, rail transit ticket vending machines, industrial robots, networks, communications, vehicle equipment, electricity, and many other known and unknown fields.

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