Application of Embedded Industrial Computer in the field of Machine Vision and Control


Machine vision and control technology is the product of industrial automation. In industrial automation, a variety of object recognition, positioning, measurement and other applications are involved. If only relying on manual inspection, it will not only increase labor costs and management costs, but also cannot guarantee a 100% inspection pass rate.

In this context, people rely on the technical characteristics of computers such as fast, reliable, and repeatable results, combined with the highly intelligent and abstract characteristics of human vision, to propose the concept of machine vision and develop and apply it.

Machine vision control technology refers to that the robot receives and processes images through the vision system, and performs corresponding operations through the feedback information of the vision system, which has been widely used in the field of industrial automation. The following introduces the application of Five Trees industrial computer in one of them – laser marking machine.

As one of the largest application fields in laser processing, laser marking technology has been applied in various industries. Its working principle is to use high energy density laser to partially irradiate the workpiece, so that the surface material is vaporized or undergoes a chemical reaction of color change, thereby leaving a permanent mark. Various characters, symbols and patterns can be printed through laser marking, and the character size can range from millimeters to microns, which has special significance for product anti-counterfeiting. With the continuous innovation and development of technology, the market has higher and higher requirements for laser marking technology. High precision, integration, and flexibility have become an inevitable trend, so there are high requirements for the control system of the laser marking machine.

Five Trees E552 series embedded industrial computer meets the needs of customers. As the control center of the entire laser marking machine, it coordinates and controls all parts of the machine to complete the marking work with high efficiency and high precision.


Five Trees E552 series adopts a reinforced structure design, based on the Intel® 6th to 9th gen desktop processor platform, with powerful performance and stable operation, with 2 DP and 1 VGA interfaces to support dual independent displays, and to connect multiple displays , 2 PCI/PCIe expansion slots, supporting extended motion control card/image acquisition card, 6 Gigabit Ethernet ports (5 Intel i211-AT and 1 Intel i219-LM) controlled by independent chips, which can be used to connect Industrial camera and laser controller, after the image collected by the camera is transmitted to the E552 Expandable Industrial Computer, the product coordinates are calculated in real time, and then the precise marking is realized through the combination of the laser controller and the galvanometer. It’s designed with 4 serial ports and 8 USB ports, can be used to connect a variety of serial devices and USB devices.


1. Accurate and efficient: Based on Intel® powerful computing platform, real-time calculation and precise guidance of laser position, fast processing speed, to meet customers’ requirements for high precision and high efficiency of laser marking machines.

2. Compact and stable: Fanless industrial computer products adopt a ruggedized fanless and compact design, and can be used stably in harsh industrial environments.

3. Automation and flexibility: within the field of vision of machine vision, it provides any orientation, any number, and cameras to automatically identify product markings, eliminating the need for tedious procedures such as manual calibration of galvanometers.

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