edge computing hardwares in intelligent manufacturing

As the global smart manufacturing policy enters the deep-water area, plans and applications for Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet, and good news for the smart manufacturing industry continues to come. Coupled with the impact of the global epidemic in 2020, the entire The manufacturing industry is limited by more and more human factors, and more and more factors benefiting from smart devices. The continuous increase in market demand has accelerated the intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry. As a key link of intelligent manufacturing, edge computing is also become more and more important.

Solution Advantage

To perceive environmental risks in real time

To monitor the production process in real time

To display operational data in real time

To reduce risks in the production process

To improve production efficiency

To optimize manufacturing costs

User Benefits

Highly integrated hardware devices are easy to deploy

Support TSN time-sensitive network

Ruggedized fanless design greatly improves equipment stability and service life

Multi interfaces design greatly enhances the scalability of the host

Applicable Industries

Smart Factory

Automated production line


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