I/O Module

Ethernet I/O Modules
Serial I/O Modules
CANbus I/O Modules

Processor communication
Device communication
Control and timing
Data buffering
Error detection

Acting as a mediator between the processor and the input/output devices, the input modules receive signals from switches or sensors and send them to the processor and the output modules take back the processor signals to the control devices like relays or motor starters.

Input/Output Modules (I/O Modules) perform a critical role in bridging the gap between a computer system and peripheral equipment and devices, such as a printer, scanner or webcam, by carrying out multiple functions of device communication, such as status reporting, commands and information transfer.

Widely used in industrial automation control systems like data acquisition and control, industrial Internet of Things as data acquisition and control scenarios, e.g. factory temperature monitoring, tunnel data acquisition and control, power distribution room data acquisition and control, etc. 


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