Vision-guided dynamic sorting

    Conveyor belt transmission is a common dynamic flow method in production and logistics sites. Whether belt-type or roller-type conveyor belts will cause different degrees of positional movement and deflection angle changes of the conveyed items, resulting in the uncertainty of the incoming material posture. The user can obtain the real-time spatial coordinates of the workpiece or package in motion through the 3D vision positioning system, and guide the robot to accurately complete operations such as grasping, feeding, and sorting.

    Solution advantage

    Independent R&D, Designed for industrial environment

    The self-developed vision controller has industrial-grade quality, adapts to various production environments, is friendly and compatible with third-party application operating software, and provides users with stable and efficient intelligent vision solutions.

    Efficient Dynamic Recognition

    The complete 3D vision product line supports the identification of multi-category, multi-specification, various colors and reflective workpieces. It can adapt to the running speed of the conveyor belt within 500mm/s, and guide the robot to follow the target workpiece.

    Stable Operation During Peak Hours

    The 3D vision positioning system runs smoothly, and the positioning accuracy is not affected by the continuous operation temperature rise and environmental changes. After scanning, the captured coordinates can be output in real time, and the feedback speed can reach the millisecond level, which can meet the peak capacity demand and avoid warehouse bursting.

    System Compatibility

    The system supports mainstream robot brands and PLC brands, and can realize various communication methods such as TCP, UDP, MODEBUSTCP, and profinet.

    User benefits

    The 3D vision positioning system guides the robot to complete the heavy and repetitive labor instead of manual labor, reducing the labor cost of the user.

    The 3D vision positioning system can guide the robot to operate continuously for 24 hours, and the positioning speed is fast, which realizes the high-paced grasping of the robot and greatly improves the operation efficiency of the conveyor line.

    Anti-vibration body design, selected electrical components, standard product protection grade IP65, reduce user equipment maintenance costs.

    The workpiece can be supplied in any posture, without the need for limit tooling investment, support a large number of SKUs, and help users realize flexible operation of the conveyor line.

    Applicable industries

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